Darien High School - Class of 1971
Thanks for these photos,
Mary Ellen Quirk:

Gail Mardfin & Kathy Symanko Maul

Hayes Clark & Jeff Castle

Sandy Volin Cunningham & Carley Tankoos

Nancy Coleman

Peace out, Dave Hendrickson
Thanks for these photos, Nancy Coleman:

$10 please. Mary Cusack Sivore & Sandy look on as Diane Frate signs in

Inside and out at the Paddle Hut, DCC

Roger Beatty & wife Bev

Sandra & Mary Kay Daughters

Peter Rogers & Kathy Symanko Maul

One way to stay warm...

Lindley Franklin & Debbi Hartigan Caplan

Nancy Sawyer Farrington. Tony Sivore (Mary's husband, at right)

Marty Womer, Nancy Coleman, John Turner

Gail, Scott Rogers & girlfriend Lisa

Tom Benson

Mingling: Marty, Nancy, Rob Moulton, Ned Farrington

Hayes tries to get our attention...

...and some comply.

Cat herding for class photo begins: Gail & Tony Sivore

Jay deVivo, Bill Wright, John Shaker

Mary Cusack Sivore, Doug Lawrence, Christine Kiggins (Lee's wife)

Nancy, Conni Bergin Corrazelli, Mary Kay

Jeff & John

Brian Lindner, Liz Hough Harden & her husband Russ, Sally Wurtzell Wright

Dave Foote & Conni Bergin Corrazelli

Jay deVivo

John & Lee Kiggins

Ann Collins

Tammis Rehill Lazarus, Rob Moulton, Lindley

Jay, Mark Bubar, George Krupnik

Hayes, Jeff, Mary Ellen Quirk

Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin, Nancy Sawyer Farrington

Selfie! Nancy, Diane Frate, Sally Wurtzell Wright

Liz and Nancy. Behind: Diane Frate, Ned Farrington

Doug, Dave, Sue Rich, John Shaker

Dave Foote, Bruce Koehler, Tom Benson. Jonathan Towle and Bill Cookson at right.

Talk, drink, laugh, talk

'Round the fire pit

Tammis, Conni, Mary Kay

Nancy and Rob

Kathy and Bonnie

Gail (trying to stay warm) & Lisa

Looking out from where it's warm

From left: Christine Kiggins with Jay Baldwin & his wife

Talk, drink, laugh, talk

Lee and Carley

John Turner and Bruce Koehler

Gail, Mary Kay, Ann
Thanks for these photos, Lisa Perkins Lair:

Peter Rogers, Mary Kay and Mary

The photographer's view...

Tom, Hayes, Mary, Lindley


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