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Lost your 1971 yearbook? Or has it fallen apart?*

You can download both parts of the Dariannus 71 here!

Many thanks to our classmembers Ross Duncan and Kathy Fricke
for this new feature on our website,
so you can refresh your 45 year old memories
in time for our 45th reunion in 2016!

Click to download the PDFs:

*Commentary on our yearbook . . .

I was on the yearbook staff back in our senior year, and even though my own yearbook has not stood up to the physical ravages of time, I still love the originality of it. It was all about cracking open and growing up.

Volume I had all the "required" shots - the class photos, teachers, committees, teams, senior pictures. Volume II, with the crack in one of the eggs on the cover, symbolized our breaking free from our school life. It was filled with wonderful candids, mostly ALL taken by Joe Vitti (now a professional photographer for the Indianapolis Star), and was arranged to follow the flow of our teenage moods - working, playing, hanging with friends, looking inward.

Sue Prentice (now a professional artist) did the "photograms" thoughout the book, made with eggs and grasses to thematically tie the book together. I remember getting together the black and white art work created by DHS students for the sponsors pages. The whole 17-member staff was in on the layout and organization, I'm sure, but Deborah Lewis was definitely at the helm as Editor-in-Chief, supported by our advisor Mrs. Armiger.

- Gail Mardfin

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