Darien High School - Class of 1971

What a great time for those who were able to attend the
45th DHS Reunion
Saturday night, September 24, 2016 at the
Darien Country Club Paddle Hut

While not a full-blown weekend event, the Reunion Committee put together
a wonderful get-together for our 45th year out of Darien High School.

If your address, phone/cell number, or email has changed, please let us know. We'll want to reach you before the big 50th!

Our 45th Reunion was so much fun!

Starting from way back - left to right: George Krupnik, David Foote, Roger Beatty, Ned Farrington, Brian Lindner, ?? Next: Bill Wright, John Shaker, Nancy Sawyer Farrington, Lee Kiggins, Bonnie MacDonald, Tom Benson, Martin Womer, Bruce Koehler, Jonathan Towle, Dave Hendrickson, Scott Rodgers, Jeff Castle, Doug Lawrence. Next: Jay DeVivo, Lindley Franklin, Hayes Clark, Carley Tankoos, Tammis Rehill Lazarus, Bill Cookson, Rob Moulton, Sally Wurtzell Wright, Liz Hough Harden, Next: Tom Brown Kessel, Nancy Coleman, John Turner, Mary Kay Daughters, Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin, Ann Collins, Conni Bergin Carrozelli, Mike Keane, Mary Ellen Quirk, Peter Rogers. Front: Debbi Hartigan, Mary Cusack Sivore, Kathy Symanko Maul, Gail Mardfin, Sue Rich, Sandy Cunningham Volin. (Photo by Lisa Perkins Lair, Scott Rodger's girlfriend)

These classmates showed up for the 45th:

Jay Baldwin
Roger Beatty
Tom Benson
Mark Bubar
Connie Bergin Carrozelli
Jeff Castle
Hayes Clark
Nancy Coleman
Ann Collins
Bill Cookson
Sandra Cunningham Volin
Mary Ellen Cusack Sivore
Mary Kay Daughters
Jay Devivo
Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin
Ned Farrington
David Foote
Lindley Frankin
Diane Frate
Debbie Hartigan Caplan
Dave Hendrickson
Liz Hough Harden
Mike Keane
Tom Brown Kessel
Lee Kiggins
Bruce Koehler
George Krupnik
Doug Lawrence
Brian Linder
Bonnie Lee MacDonald
Gail Mardfin
Anne McCormick Hubbard
Rob Moulton
Mary Ellen Quirk
Tammis Rehill Lazarus
Beth Reifers
Sue Rich
Scott Rodgers
Peter Rogers
Nancy Sawyer Farrington
John Shaker
Kathleen Symanko Maul
Carley Tankoos
Jonathan Towle
John Turner
Marty Womer
Bill Wright
Sally Wurtzell Wright

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