Darien High School - Class of 1971

We don't want to let another TEN years go by...

45th DHS Reunion!!
WHEN: Saturday night, September 24, 2016 • 7-11 PM
WHERE: Darien Country Club (300 Mansfield Ave., Darien)
COST: $10 per person (cash or check)
Pay at the door - this includes beer, wine and finger food.

While not a full-blown weekend event, the "Not Reunion"
Reunion Committee is putting together this get-together
for our 45th year out of Darien High School.

DIRECTIONS: When you drive into the club, continue straight past the main parking lot and club house, past the tennis courts to the upper parking...you will see the paddle facility at the north end of the lot.

DRESS CODE: (Yes, it is still 1971 at DCC!) Casual attire includes blue jeans, collared shirts or turtle necks. NOT allowed: ripped blue jeans, cargo pasnts/shorts tee shirts, tank tops, halter.


Also, if your address, phone/cell number, or email has changed, please let us know. We'll want to reach you before the big 50th!

Our 40th Reunion was so much fun!

At some point during the weekend, all of these people showed up for the 40th:

Jay Ames
Katy Angstadt Raye
Cathy Ashley Muskus
Dominick Audet
Ted Augustine '72
Jay Baldwin
Robin Barnum Sokolow
Roger Beatty
Connie Bergin Carrozelli
Betsy Blake Goss
Linda Brown Rodgers
Debbie Bruno Goyette
Chris Canavan
Beth Carder Gardner
Pat Carney
Rick Case
Jeff Castle
Hayes Clark
Noel Cogburn Bryant
Nancy Coleman
Joe Cook
Bill Cookson
Eric Cummings
Sandra Cunningham Volin
Mary Ellen Cusack Sivore
Mary Kay Daughters
Jay Devivo
Lynn Doscher
Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin
Ross Duncan
Ted Eng
Janet Fallon Ottinger
Ned Farrington
Lindley Frankin
Diane Frate
Kathy Fricke Blanton
Caitrin Frolich
Jim Gammill
Carol Geiger Mills
Julie Genster
Henry Goyette '69
Janet Herbert Glazer
Mike Harbison
Debbie Hartigan Caplan
Ron Harms
Don Harris
Rob Hight
Liz Hough Harden
Dave Hendrickson
Posey Holland Griffin
Reuben Jeffery
Bruce Jones
Libby Jones Mueller
Barbara Joynt King
Mike "Whitey" Keane
Tom Kessel
Bruce Koehler
George Krupnik
Doug Lawrence
Janet Lechak Nielsen
Hal Lefferts
Seth Lefferts
Deborah Lewis
Lucy Leyland
Brian Linder
Nancy Lockwood Whitcomb
Steve Lotz
Ed Maher
Bruce Manchon
Gail Mardfin
Alexis Massad Gleitman
Debbie Mayo Cook
Heather McCleod Gale
Anne McCormick Hubbard
Cricket McCowie
Kevin Moffatt
Carey Moler Karlan
Mike Moore
Rob Moulton
Bill Mulkerin
Kathy Peterson Lanzalotta
Mary Pfann Savage
Patricia Procaccini Luca
Mary Ellen Quirk Smith
Rod Raye '72
Sue Reichart Allen
Beth Reifers
Martha Reuter '72
Deborah Ritter Moore
Kathy Rodgers Heckert '72
Scott Rodgers
Peter Rogers
Nancy Sawyer Farrington
Mark Schuyler
John Shaker
Rick Shuttleworth
Samantha Skove
Nancy Stanger Stopher
Ellen Stitzel Becker
Peter Sweeney
Carley Tankoos
Jim Tarantino
Glenn Tuccinardi
John Valente
Steven Van Anglen
Rob Varney
John Vasone
Ann Vernon Fallon
Robert Vickery
Joe Vitti
Steve Vosburgh
Nick Warren
Wendy Wheeler
Deido Byrnes '72
Phil Williams
Marty Womer
Bill Wright
Jeff Wright
Sally Wurtzell Wright

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